Wellness Post, 3/24/20, Self-Care Part I

Good Tuesday morning to you all,

After trying out with my family this working and learning from home thing for the last 4 days, I have discovered that we need some self-care skills to make this work better (and by work better I mean work, PERIOD!) 😊. So, my next few Wellness Posts are going to be ideas for self-care that you can try out on your own at home with your family. Additionally, I would like to collect ideas from all of YOU, so please click on this link to a google form where you can anonymously share what is working for you and your family as far as staying focused, motivated, energized, connected, healthy (physically & emotionally), and grounded during this unusual time of physical distancing: Your Ideas .  Speaking of physical distancing, check out this video of gratitude from Mr. Murray: Murray’ism 3: He’s Back!

Self-Care for our DA Upper School Community Part I:

  1. Make a personal schedule
  • Your schedule should be flexible, but predictable. 
  • Schedule time for: 
  • School work
  • Self-Care
  • Exercise
  • Meals
  • Breaks
  • Connection with family/friends
  • Post your schedule somewhere you can refer to it 
  • Don’t stress if you don’t follow it perfectly each day
  • Make changes as needed
  • One great suggestion for those of you feeling more unmotivated at home, set your alarm and get up at the same time each day, shower and dress as if you were actually leaving the house, and set-up a work space that is NOT on your bed in your pj’s. Reserve your bed just for sleeping. If you have a dedicated workspace, then when you step away for breaks, they will feel more like true breaks and you will be more focused when you are doing work.
  • 2. Unplug
  • We are all relying on our screens more during this time
  • Make sure your self-care routine includes a number of screen-free activities each day. (See ideas under #3)
  • 3. Connect with people in your house
  • Game time (board games, charades)
  • Eat lunch together
  • AM or PM breaks to take a walk together
  • Karaoke!
  • Learn a TikTok dance together
  • Learn a family member’s hobby (knitting, photography, sewing, woodworking, cooking, chess, origami, geocaching, pottery, calligraphy, juggling)
  • Teach someone your hobby
  • Read to a younger sibling or listen to them read to you
  • Do a puzzle or art project together

Last, today’s Mindful March activity is: Eat mindfully. Enjoy the taste, texture and smell of your food.

And don’t forget to reach out if you’d like to schedule a time to video chat with me about WHATEVER – the good, the bad and the ugly. 😊

Be well,

Mrs. Danser