Wellness Post, 4/2/20, Positives/Silver Linings

Good Thursday morning everyone,

For today’s Wellness post, I decided to share some of the positive information I’ve learned about recently because it has personally helped me find some relief during this inherently stressful time. This is not meant to sugar coat or ignore any amount of uncertainty, suffering, or grief that many are currently experiencing due to Covid-19, but to hopefully give you some tools for tapping into positive and hopeful energy. I’d love to hear from all of you about some silver linings you’ve learned too and I’ll share in my next post. Just click on this link to a google form and share anything and everything that might be positive that is coming out of this Covid-19 pandemic: Positives/Silver Linings during Covid-19

  1. My mother-in-law sent me an email yesterday from her friend who is a doctor that seems very positive about NC and how our social distancing and stay at home orders are working:

“A group out of the University of Washington has been crunching numbers nationwide about this pandemic.  You can look, state by state, to see projected illnesses, deaths, ICU beds needed, shortfall, etc.

I’ve been looking at this for a few days, and with the implementation of stay at home, have watched the NC numbers drop, from 80 deaths in one day at the projected peak on April 22 (when I looked yesterday) to 50 deaths at the peak, now pushed out to April 27.  The curve is indeed, flattening.  Yesterday there was a projected shortfall in hospital beds, today, two days into the Governor’s stay at home order, there is not.  I bet when I check tomorrow it will be even better.

The message:  stay home.  It’s working!   Asymptomatic people can shed virus, so you may feel fine, but if you go out, you are infecting other people. If you must go out, please wear a mask. Even for a run, or to take food to others. That way, if you are one of the asymptomatic infected, at least you won’t be infecting others.”


2. Mother Earth is getting a much-needed break. With so many around the globe sheltering indoors and so many businesses at a standstill, the planet is showing encouraging signs of health. Check out how the smog over China andmajor U.S. cities is dissipating.*

3. You have ample quality time with family and ample time to connect (online) with the other good people in your life.*

4. Humans are resilient. The COVID-19 pandemic is big, serious, difficult business. But guess what? Humankind has been through this, and even more difficult wars, famines, plagues, etc., in the past.*

5. Lots of content is being streamed online for free. DJ D-Nice spun some jams in #ClubQuarantine, and more than 100,000 people showed up to bop along. The Met is streaming free encore presentations of its Live in HD series.Playbill posted 15 Broadway plays and musicals you can watch on stage from home.*

*#2-5 came from this resource, The COVID-19 Survival Guide for Teens: 5 Ways to Manage Stress Right Now

Last, but never least, to kick off your day, check out Mr. Murrary’s latest video with his own wellness tips that involve pets: Murray’ism 5

Be well and let’s stay connected,

Mrs. Danser