Wellness Post, 4/8/20, Stay Active

Good morning to you!

It’s hump day and we have a long weekend ahead of us. Check out Mr. Murray’s latest video in which he primes you for having a great weekend:

Murray’ism 7

To continue the theme of Monday’s Wellness post about the difference between how extroverts and introverts are experiencing this quarantine, I’d like for you to first, take this super quick quiz to see if you are an extrovert, introvert or ambivert:

https://ideas.ted.com/quiz-are-you-an-extrovert-introvert-or-ambivert/ Then, maybe forward this email to your parents and siblings who you are spending SO much time with these days and initiate a conversation about the similarities or differences between your personalities and how that is affecting your experience of this quarantine.

After either confirming your hunch or learning you are actually something different (turns out I’m an ambivert!), check out our DA Athletics’ suggestions for staying active during this time at home:

Have a great Wednesday!

Mrs. Danser