Wellness Post, 4/16/20, Mind-Body Self-Care

Good morning Upper School folks,

I hope your week is chugging along okay, but if you have found yourself in a rut, consider looking back at the Wellness posts and choosing something to do that might help you navigate whatever obstacle you are facing. I had a serious case of the “get me away from these little human beings!” yesterday and so I decided to take a couple hours to be outside in the yard away from my kiddos, which helped a lot. I don’t know about you, but it also really helps me when I’m in those ruts or having one of those days to remember why we are doing this and also to say out loud things that I am grateful for. On that topic, here is Mr. Murray with another encouraging video for you: Murray’ism Istayhomefor.mov

As I described in Tuesday’s Wellness post about anxiety, it is important to remember how powerful the mind-body connection is and to take steps to care for both your body and your mind, especially during a stressful experience like this. Here are some great ideas for taking care of yourself with proper hydration, healthy snacks/fuel and virtual sports medicine visits, brought to you by DA Athletics. Check these out:

Be well and stay connected,

Mrs. Danser