Wellness Post, 5/6, Jackie Lauricella Fights Stigma

Good morning all,

I hope this first week of May is treating you okay. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, May is Mental Health Month. I shared a list of signs to look out for in yourself, family and friends so that we can all support each other and encourage getting help when needed. But, I realize that just reading a list of signs isn’t the same as actually hearing someone you know talk about their personal experience. The other part of Mental Health Month in addition to raising awareness, is combatting the stigma that surrounds mental health challenges. Speaking up and normalizing mental health just like physical health could be the difference between someone waiting 10 years to get help while their condition worsens and someone having early intervention that improves the likelihood of living a mentally healthy life in the long run. Our very own Ms. Jackie Lauricella is making a guest appearance in today’s Wellness Post to talk to you about her own struggle with mental health challenges before and during this quarantine; and to share some wisdom about forming healthy habits during hard times. And, in her usual style, she will make you laugh: Jackie’isms Vol.1

So, I challenge you all to be brave like Jackie and share your experiences with mental health challenges so that we can make it just as normal to seek support for mental illness as it is for physical illness in our society and community. Here are two articles that I really like for more ideas on how and why to have these important conversations:

Psychology Today – How We Can Help Teens Overcome Stigma of Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness – 9 Ways to FIght Mental Health Stigma

Be well and stay connected,

Mrs. Danser